Always On Edge – Edge Lighting v5.5.0 Cracked APK [Latest]

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always on edge mod apk

Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Keep the Edges lighting always with Always On Edge Latest APK to 0% CPU usage, this is an accessory not just an app it is an app you made.

always on edge cracked apk

Border light works without receiving a notification. in addition to lighting when a notification comes.
THIS IS A REMIX between always on display and edge lighting but with a lot more options to control.

Here Are Its Main Features
When does it start?

  • manually, only when I want I open the app.
  • automatic, always anytime I lock screen.
  • only when a notification comes:
  • and the screen is off.
  • and the screen is on.
  • always, off or on.
  • the clock always edges when a notification comes.
  • only when I put the device on charge.
  • wireless charge only?.
  • run 10s every minute.
  • mixed, the clock always edges 10s every minute.
  • only when headset plugged listen to music.
  • and the screen is off.
  • and the screen is on.
  • always, off or on.
  • always while the screen is on
  • when someone calls
  • when open recent apps menu

if screen is on, can light notifications bar only
You can add toggle in system notification panel to switch between manual run (disable) / or any other you select (enable).
for notifications you can select each app and its color and lighting time sperated from others apps.
Whatever run option you choose, you can, at anytime, press volume down key to terminate the app and never run again until the next device lock .
you can remove AOE icon from notification bar .
option to not run if battery level less than..
option to not run if charging.
option for home button.
option to not run app in between a periode like sleep time..
pocket mode, close when in pocket or screen faced down, resume when out (more power).
SmartUnlock, when device on flat surface and I pick it up, close and open screen (more power).
Clock and widgets rotate on landscape screen, unlike other always on display apps.

What’s New:

  •  Fixes, Reminder, Lighting when listening to music
  •  supporting screen hole light
  •  option to light around notch only
  •  new run option: Edge lighting live Wallpaper for home and lock screen
  •  power button functions as usual even without root
  •  The app became 100% Free
  •  the smoothest edge lighting in this universe and parallel universes.
  •  new option: on calls.
  •  ability to enable multiple run options at the same time

Mod Features : Pro features unlocked.



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