MAGIX VR Studio 2 Crack (x64) Full Download [Free]

MAGIX VR Studio 2 Crack

MAGIX VR Studio 2 Crack is your next step for professional video creativity. Construct breathtaking virtual experiences using 360º videos and photos. Add words, pictures and videos to create interactive virtual worlds. Let users immerse themselves in it anytime, anywhere to present a new dimension of entertainment and information.

MAGIX VR Studio 2 Crack Features:

Real estate:
You can now present spaces such as real estate in virtual experiences so buyers can view inside and outside at any time. Add photos, video, text, and audio to provide buyers with all the information they need as they look around, room by room.

With virtual tourism, people can ‘visit’ destinations to experience your world – try before you fly! Provide a virtual encounter of a resort, hotel, or city, with added video and sound helping to recreate the location’s atmosphere and authenticity.

Construct exhibitions within a virtual museum, or recreate faraway or past worlds, by linking spaces to create a walk-through tour. Add music, speech, or video to explain key features, or describe how an exhibit might have existed in real life.

Create incredible virtual tours with 360º videos and stills – it’s like you’re right there! Stitch 360° photos and videos together with ease and turn them into interactive worlds. Easily jump between fully-interconnected spaces for a fully-realized, immersive virtual experience.

An even more authentic experience. Add video, text and audio:

Videos and images:
It’s easy to create video and photo presentations to breathe life into your virtual worlds. Simply select your video and photo media, place them wherever you want, then customize their size, shape, and rotation to create as many presentations as you like.

Add text to your virtual world to help guide your users around it. Include in-depth explanations or simple labels – it’s up to you! Customize and resize the text and place it anywhere you wish.

Surround sound:
Create immersive sound by adding music or sound effects to a virtual world for an authentic atmosphere. Any audio can be added to any element or room. You could, for example, have a virtual tour guide explain the history of an exhibit.

Jumping from virtual tour onto websites:
Along with text, images, and videos, you can also add clickable enrichment(s) such as buttons which link directly to your website for quick and easy sales or rentals.

Faster loading & smoother look:
Say goodbye to lingering loading screens. We’ve optimized our mechanics, allowing your tour to load almost as quickly as ordinary websites – so they can be viewed instantly. Choose between transitions for a smooth, professional look when viewers move from room to room in your virtual tour.

For professional results:

360° image stabilization:
With 360º image stabilization, create silky-smooth video with almost no loss in quality. You’ll never have to worry about shaky movies again — always have professional results with ultra-steady camera movement.

Easy video trimmer:
Trim your videos with VR Studio Crack, maximizing your advantage with viewers on mobile devices. Highly-efficient processing shortens load times and gets your customers watching right away.

High quality images:
Take advantage of the new high quality images on mobile devices and web projects. Give your images a polished, professional, detailed look while loading faster than ever.

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MAGIX VR Studio 2 Crack Highlights:

  • Virtual tours load almost 10 times faster than before
  • High resolution images for all common devices available
  • Customizable, interactive video, text, image, and sound enrichment
  • Smooth transitions – no more loading screens!
  • Direct links from your walk-through to your website
  • Optimized user navigation through virtual experiences
  • 360° image stabilization
  • Integrated video trimmer


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