NetLimiter Pro v4.0.53.0 Serial key [Full Version]

NetLimiter Pro Serial key is an ultimate internet traffic control and monitoring tool designed for Windows. You can use NetLimiter to set download/upload transfer rate limits for applications or even single connection and monitor their internet traffic.

Along with this unique feature, NetLimiter Pro Serial key offers comprehensive set of internet statistical tools. It includes real-time traffic measurement and long-term per-application internet traffic statistics.

NetLimiter pro crack
NetLimiter Pro Serial key

NetLimiter Pro Serial key gives users full control over their network connection. With NetLimiter 4 you can decide which applications will be allowed to connect to internet and how much of total bandwidth they will be allowed to use.

NetLimiter Features

List of all NetLimiter 4 features

Full traffic control

Set exact download/upload speed limits to any application or give them higher priority to ensure that they always get enough bandwidth they need.

There are 3 tools at your disposal to help you control network (internet) traffic on your computer: Limits, Priorities and Blocker. In cooperation with these features work the Quotas.


Limits allow you to set maximum transfer speed for application or custom filter.


Priorities give you power to prioritize internet traffic of one application over others. You just select app which should have higher priority and NetLimiter will do the rest.


Blocker allows you block selected apps or custom filter from the internet or certain servers. It is very customizable using Filters and Rules.

Full traffic control

Set exact download/upload speed limits to any application or give them higher priority to ensure that they always get enough bandwidth they need.

NetLimiter monitors current (real-time) network activity on your machine and it also gathers long-term data transfers statistics.

Real-time monitoring

NetLimiter pro crack displays current transfer speeds (download/upload) in Activity view in columns named DL Rate and UL Rate. The speeds are displayed for any filter, application, all its instances and all connections created by the application.

Long-term statistics

Stats, if enabled (by default IS enabled) gather long-term traffic statistical data for your computer. You can use Stats tool to view various interesting statistics.

There is a DL Total and UL Total column in Activity view. It displays total data received/send by given node since the installation of NetLimiter on your machine (or since a manual reset).

Connection blocker

Using this simple and also interactive system of rules you will be allowed to specify which applications can connect to internet and under which conditions.

Blocker can be also viewed as a simple firewall. It is a tool which allows you to specify which application can connect to internet and which can not. You can also specify various conditions under which would any connections be allowed and other denied.

How to block some app?

To Allow or Block any app or filter you need to create a blocker rule for it and enable it. There are several ways how to achieve this:

In Activity tab Click to In Blocker or Out Blocker column for selected app and create a rule. Use Options menu to enable these columns.

To create a Blocker rule you can also use Add rule button on Rules or Blocker tabs.

Blocker ON

In order to work, Blocker must be enabled. There are 3 places in NetLimiter pro crack where you can do it:

At top of the Main window check Blocker On button.
Go to Tools->Options...->Service->General and check Blocker enabled button.
From main NetLimiter screen go to the Blocker and click on Blocker is disabled button (it should switch to Blocker is enabled).

Default settings

Default blocker settings are located at Tools->Options…->Service->Blocker. There you can select which blocker action will performed by default.
Blocker actions

There are 3 types of actions from which you have to choose when creating a blocker rule. These are:

Deny: All connections for specified filter or application will be blocked.
Allow: All connections will be allowed.
Ask: When a connection for specified filter or application is about to be created an interactive window will pop-up. There you can decide which action should be taken upon particular connection.


Lets you set data transfer quotas for selected application/filter. If the quota is reached – limit, blocker rule or other rules could be enabled.

What is Quota?

Quota monitors total size of data transferred over any selected filter in any given direction (in, out or both). The user specifies size of the quota and when the quota is exceeded, NetLimiter can take an action like showing notification window or starting predefined rule. For example, user can instruct NetLimiter to start traffic rate limit to restrict further amount of data transferred when an application exceeds it’s quota.

Internally, quota is rule so you can create and manage quota the same way as any other rule like Limit or Blocker. It also means that you can start, stop or reset the quota measurement at specific time using Rule Scheduler. For example, the rule scheduler can reset the quota at the beginning of each month.


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