Patch Manager Plus Crack v10.0.348 [Latest]

Patch Manager Plus Crack
Patch Manager Plus Crack

Patch Manager Plus Crack, our all-around patching solution, offers automated patch deployment for Windows, plus patching support for 300+ third-party applications. It’s available both on-premises and in the cloud.

Patch Manager Plus by ManageEngine is a cloud-based patch management software for small, midsize and large enterprises. It is suitable for businesses in banking, finance, IT services, health care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, military, government, logistics, education and media/entertainment industries. Primary features include patch tracking, patch deployment, patch testing, patch compliance and reporting.

Patch Manager Plus allows users to detect missing patches, test patches, deploy them and provide detailed audit and compliance reports. It can deploy patches to above 250 third-party applications including Adobe, Java, WinRAR and more. Other features include service pack deployment, role-based access, antivirus updates, server application patch management and two-factor authentication.

Patch Manager Plus Crack Features

Scan endpoints to detect missing patches.

Test patches before deployment to mitigate security risks.

Automate patch deployment to OS and 3rd party applications.

Powerful audits and reports for better visibility and control.

Patch Manager Plus Full version
Patch Manager Plus Crack

Extensive support to 300+ third party applications patching
Stay 100% secure by defending against vulnerabilities in your 3rd party applications.
Large repository of patches for common applications such as Adobe, Java, WinRAR and more.
Make use of pre-built, tested, ready-to-deploy packages.

Gain complete visibility and control over your patching
Patch compliance made easy with advanced analytics and audits.
Insightful patch management reports helping track your patching.
Customizable deployment policies to meet your business needs.


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