Poweramp Music Player v3-build-860 Cracked APK [Latest]

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Poweramp pro apk
Poweramp pro apk

Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Powerful Music Player for Android. Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android.

Poweramp Music Player Pro

Poweramp is a powerful music player for Android.

Music moves people; it unites us, it allows us to relax, and sometimes, when done right, it can even motivate us to do great things. Poweramp does great things.

The #1 paid music player in the Google Play Store 8 years running—Poweramp is the most powerful music player available on the Android OS. Features like gapless play, an unmatched equalization system, great crossfade, and support for most popular music file format might all make Poweramp the best 7.0 MB you have ever spent in your life—4+ million users would agree to that.

Key Features:

  • Plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, aiff
  • 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for all supported formats, presets, custom presets
  • Separate powerful Bass and Treble adjustment
  • Stereo eXpansion, mono mixing, balance
  • Crossfade
  • Gapless
  • Replay gain
  • plays songs from folders and from own library
  • dynamic queue
  • lyrics support, including lyrics search via the musiXmatch plugin
  • embed and standalone .cue files support
  • support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists
  • OpenGL based cover art animation
  • downloads missing album art
  • custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play
  • 4 widget types with many selectable styles, advanced customization; Android 4.2 lock screen widgets
  • headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection (can be disabled in settings)
  • scrobbling
  • tag editor
  • fast library scan
  • high level of customization via settings

Poweramp on Android

Look and feel

Poweramp’s customizability options alone set it far ahead of much of the competition. What other music apps allow you to install a custom theme from the Google Play Store? Not many. Poweramp comes with a dark theme and a light theme, with the option to install as many more as you like from external sources. On top of that, you can change around elements of the UI, such as remove the Chromecast button, add a track counter, change the rating system, control animations, and so much more. There are so many options available.

But options are nothing if the app itself isn’t intuitive to use. It’s very basic to use, with no ambiguity as to how it functions as a music player. Simply open the app, choose how you want to view your music and then select a song

Poweramp features

Poweramp is filled to the brim with features. There are so many that it’s honestly hard to keep track, and the settings menu can almost appear daunting at first. If you’re on Android Q, for example, you can seek through a track straight from your notifications. Listen to any albums with interludes? You can have Poweramp skip songs in a playthrough of an album that is below a certain length.  There’s also forced wakelocking so that Poweramp isn’t killed in the background, automatic album art downloading, automatic resume when a headset is plugged back in/connected, and so much more. It is well laid out too as features are organized neatly into sections. There’s also scrobbling support, Android Auto support, and even an option to skip songs by long pressing the volume keys (though this feature requires adb to enable). Poweramp also gets quite a decent amount of updates, so there are always new features getting added. Just take a look at the changelogs for the most recent versions to get an idea of how big the updates can be. Finally, there’s a fantastic equalizer that comes as part of Poweramp that we’ll be talking a lot more about in the next section

Audio quality

Audio quality is what Poweramp was known for back in the day, along with its solid collection of features. Using its own audio decoders, Poweramp is able to have consistently high sound quality across all devices. Because it decodes the audio by itself and doesn’t rely on the Android system to do any of the work, its equalizer is one of the best in the business. It doesn’t need to use Android’s audio equalizer API, instead applying the changes that the user chooses to the decoded stream. What’s more, there are a lot of changes that the user can make. There are lots of different equalizer presets too, so that the user can tune it to their own listening style.

Mod Info:

  • Pro Full APK Unlocked




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